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Carol Howlett is the President and CEO at the MBE/EDGE and female certified, Business Services organization, UStoWork, Inc. She has over 3 decades of experience in employment strategy and design. Her experience includes working across all personnel levels with diverse populations of job seekers, employers, non-profits and governmental agencies. Her results oriented approach to workforce issues, including personnel relocations and the ability to develop long term solutions in recruitment, training & professional development is the expertise she brings to UStoWork, Inc.’s diverse team of Workforce Training and Business services providers.

Carol is a leader who has developed multi-layered recruiting and sourcing strategies. Her community marketing, combined with her knowledge of the private, public and rehabilitation workforce systems integrates private and public workforce objectives to secure training and job placement success.

Her ongoing analysis of the labor market, industry research and UStoWork, Inc.’s program delivery model, provide real solutions to 21st century workplace challenges. Her consultative approach to employer workforce concerns and job seeker skill gaps lead to positive results in tactical workforce training, planning and management.

Her organization, UStoWork, Inc. provides simple solutions to complex problems. The skilled teams of UStoWork, Inc. Associates provide a range of Business Services designed to serve our clients, whether they are job seekers, business owners or job creators.

Carol attended Kent State University, Case Western Reserve University and she has attended various seminars, conferences, trainings and continuing education in employment, workforce development, management strategies and mental health. She is a past board member of the Community Job Club of Stow, Inc., Secretary at The Cuyahoga County Advisory Board on Persons with Disabilities and she has been an Associate member of the Huffman Group, a public affairs and strategic communications firm since 2005.

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