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Maurice Stevens is the Founder and President of the Career Consulting Group, LLC (CCG), and Principal with Career Development and Placement Strategies, Inc, (CDPS) in Cleveland, Ohio. He has more than 20 years of experience as a practitioner in workforce/personal development and career planning. Maurice has consulted and trained many career development practitioners nationwide.


Maurice has developed and maintained outside employer partnerships; implemented workforce development curriculums for displaced and unemployed workers across the United States of America. Maurice creates, implements and facilitates curriculums in workforce and personal development.

Maurice has extensive experience with coordinating, managing, and training in educational administrations, community based programs, and corporate work groups. He also has served in various capacities in fulfilling requirements for Federal, State and County Grant programs across the nation. In addition to managing the operation of CCG and CDPS, he directs activities for The Rising Above Program, a Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative workforce training program in Cleveland, Ohio.

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As a consultant, some of his clients include:

  • The Department of Workforce Development, City of San Francisco, CA

  • The Department of Workforce Development, City of Sacramento, CA

  • The Department of Workforce Development, Alameda County, Oakland, CA

  • The United States Department of Energy

  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, Richland, WA

  • Capitol City Careers in Austin, TX

  • The State of Illinois, Department of Human Services

  • The State of Michigan, Department of Human Services and Workforce Development

  • The State of Kentucky, Department of Workforce Development,

  • The State of Florida Central Workforce Development (Orlando)

  • JIST Publishing, Indianapolis, IN

  • Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative, Cleveland, OH

  • Council of Economic Opportunities of Greater Cleveland (CEOGC)

  • Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) Cleveland, OH

  • The Presidents Council, Cleveland, OH

He has also worked for organizations in the state of Ohio on planning and coordinating career training, job search, and employment activities, including The Urban League of Greater Cleveland, Cuyahoga Community College in Highland Hills, Ohio; David N. Myers College in Cleveland, Ohio; and Taylor Business Institute in New York, New York.

Maurice is also Co-Author (with nationally renowned author and publisher Mike Farr/ Jist Corporation) of the workbook "THE QUICK JOB SEARCH FOR THE EX-OFFENDER" and a contributing writer for the best selling book "GETTING THE JOB YOU REALLY WANT"

Maurice Stevens is a certified trainer, nationally recognized JIST Training Institute Certified Trainer and Certified Fatherhood Education Trainer in PREP "On My Shoulders" as well as a long standing member of the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP). Maurice has a bachelor of business administration degree and completed graduate credit hours in Educational Administration from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.

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