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Effective Communication


We have IQ to help determine our intelligence quotient. We have EQ to help determine our emotional quotient. Finally - introducing The CQ Factor! The ONLY program that helps to determine our and others communication quotient or COMMUNICATION INTELLIGENCE - The CQ Factor! Communication Intelligence is NOT 'old school' communication training! It includes, yet far surpasses the standard and predictable 1, 2, 3's of old school communication training; it goes to the humanity of every person and how we, in communication, can be respected. Now there is an instrument unlike any other that can tell you precisely what and how every person wants and needs communication from you - predictably and simply! From the internal question being asked at all times - stated or unstated - to the precise need from 'you', and the major passion that drives every decision made? This has been the missing ingredient for truly effective connection with people, and this is what HPCT brings to the table - and more.

What will you gain from High Performance Communication Training?

  • bridge cultural diversity - cultural and diversity issues are more about communication than you think
  • build strong teams
  • reduce misunderstandings
  • increase connection and understanding
  • empower the management process
  • streamline employee development
  • increase sales success and client retention
  • create a more satisfying work environment


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