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Money Management Workshop Curriculum

Workshop topics and objects are listed below.

Financial Questions Money Attitudes

Ice Breaker that helps participants start to see how they look at money

Fosters conversation


  • discover which patterns they have relating to money
  • identify which patterns they want to keep
  • identify which patterns they want to change

Banks & Credit Unions

Participants learn:

  • how & why to use traditional financial institutions
  • differences between credit unions and banks

Savings & Checking Accounts

Participants learn:

  • when & how to use Savings & Checking Accounts
  • importance of Savings Accounts for emergency funds
  • how to use checks to pay bills
  • how to balance a checkbook

5 Cs of Credit Credit Report Credit Score Underwriting Activity

Participants learn:

  • ·5 components of a credit score
  • ·how to improve a credit score
  • ·how to pull & read a credit report
  • ·how to correct errors on credit reports
  • ·how to navigate the world of credit
  • ·how underwriters decide to approve a loan application


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